Over 165.000 people already changed their lives

Are you next?

Over 165.000 people already changes their lives

Are you next?

For a Healthy, Wealthy, HAPPY LIFE!

What does your dream life look like? What makes you happy?

We are Michael Pilarczyk and Cindy Koeman and we inspire people to live their best life. We have designed our dream life on the sunny island Ibiza. We speak, write and teach about self-awareness, mindset, meaning and consciousness. Also we are the founders of the Meditation Moments app. 


” Join our movement for a healthy, wealthy, happy life.”

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Kristen David
Kristen David Forever Living International
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I’ve attended all programs! Now I have the right mindset. I feel more powerful and confident. And I’ve learned how to achieve my goals. Results show it works! Thank you Michael.
Roy Martina MD
Roy Martina MDInner Game Business Coach.
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Michael is one of the most inspirational trainers I know. His practical approach on mindset & entrepreneurship has inspired thousands to take their lives in new directions. I’ve had the pleasure to meet him and feel his integrity. I recommend him wholeheartedly!
Robert Bridgeman
Robert Bridgeman Author & Spiritual teacher
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To me Michael is a hero. He’s makes self-awareness and spiritual growth easy to understand for a broad audience. He’s outstanding in his unique meditation performance with his magical voice.


Over 2.2 million meditation plays. The English Meditation Moments App will be launched early 2020. Subscribe now and receive a free premium member account at launch date!

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“Join the movement 

for a healthy, wealthy, 

happy life!”

Michael & Cindy