What YOU IMAGINE You Become

My name is Michael. I inspire people to live their dreams. I walk my talk and I practice what I preach. To a healthy, wealthy, happy life!

About Mastermind Academy

“What you never learned at school.” For that reason we  have founded Mastermind Academy. We offer coaching programs about self-awareness, personal success, meditation, communication skills and meaning. In other words: the art of living. We organize live events, we offer online programs and we publish books. Also we have created the Meditation Moments app, to offer users inner peace, clarity and moments of relaxation. We want to make the world more loving and peaceful by helping people become happy and successful in what they love to do. What we do is giving insights to become the best version of yourself, so that you can achieve all your goals and fulfill your dreams. We are convinced that we can work together on creating more awareness and tolerance and at the same time experience more joy, love, happiness and success.

Why do so many people suffer from mental disorders and stress? Why do so many people live an unhealthy, unhappy life? Why do we slowly kill our bodies, our minds and our beautiful planet? Why? Because we are not aware. 

A better world starts with a better you. By becoming all you can be, you will live your best life and be able to help others. How to live a healthy, wealthy, happy life? How do you make dreams come true? It is a matter of re-programming yourself. Your brain and your mind are flexible. You can train them. Neuroscientists have shown for years that you can reprogram yourself. Becoming a master of your mindset will bring you more joy and happiness, more peace of mind, and you’ll be more successful in the things you do. And that’s our mission. We love to share this knowledge, wisdom and experiences, to inspire you to live your best life!

About Mister Mindset

MY NAME IS MICHAEL GEORGE PILARCZYK. I’m a teacher and speaker in self-awareness, spiritual growth and personal success. I’m also Founder of Mastermind Academy and the Meditation Moments App. My devotion is to share knowledge and wisdom to contribute to a healthy, wealthy, happy world. For many years I’ve been helping people to breakthrough limiting beliefs and behavioral patterns, to create new insights. As an authority on mastering mindset and the psychology of peak performance, I’ve been very fortunate to guide people to improve the quality of their daily life in areas that really matter.

FOR 30 YEARS I’ve studied universal wisdom, mindfulness, consciousness, positive psychology and the mind. I was trained by the world’s best teachers; Wayne Dyer, Dan Peña, Tony Robbins, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche, Rajshree Patel, Anah Maa and my spiritual life coach Egon Massink. I’ve not only studied mindfulness and meditation, as well as the philosophy of success, I’ve mastered it by doing it myself. I have made my dreams come true. I live a blessed and fulfilled life on the sunny Island Ibiza and I’m privileged that I may teach many about happiness, meaning, meditation and the mind.

“Meditation changed my life completely”

The Story of My Life

I WAS BORN (1969) in an average household in Poland, that was governed by communists. Our family moved to the Netherlands where I was raised. Since I was young I dreamed of becoming a DJ. Although nobody shared my vision, I became a well known air personality on the No. #1 radiostation (Radio 538) and a TV-host (Dutch MTV), interviewing many international celebrities, including Robbie Williams, Sandra Bullock, Janet Jackson, Giorgio Armani and Bill Gates. By following my dreams, I became a millionaire. But after investing all of my savings in the stock market, I was left two million in debt (age 29). Surrounded by darkness I contemplated suicide. Then I realized that a healthy life is a Divine gift and it was my obligation to live life to the best of my abilities. Fortunately I met my business mentor Mr. Dan Peña, who taught me Quantum Leap Advantage.

AS AN ENTREPRENEUR in media and entertainment I managed to create two multi-million dollar businesses. At age 37 I sold my enterprise to live the dream I had cherished since I was young. I started a 40-month sabbatical living on my yacht, sailing around Europe. During this journey to inner peace I wrote my bestselling novel Dancing in Heaven (100.000 copies sold) and I also met some of my spiritual mentors who taught me another piece to the puzzle we call life. It inspired me to write my second bestselling book Master Your Mindset, a road map to success and happiness, based on my rich life experience and the wisdom of many of my teachers. I have lived in Amsterdam and Barcelona and now Cindy and I are very grateful to live a prosperous and joyful life on Ibiza. 

Highlights of My Life

I Love to LEARN

I used to wonder why they never taught me these important principles in school. This became the premise from which the idea for the Mastermind Academy orginated.

About Cindy Koeman

I was not aware that I had thoughts that I could direct. I always believed thoughts were just there. Until Michael showed me a new way of looking at things by teaching me about mindset. Michael and I met in Barcelona when he lived there on his boat. It was during the period that he was writing Dancing in Heaven and we eventually went sailing for months. During these years I read countless books about personal development, mindset, spirituality and success. And I wondered why I never learned this knowledge and wisdom at school. From that question came the idea that shortly afterwards resulted in the founding of Mastermind Academy.

As an entrepreneur I immediately started my media management with my first company Social Media At Work. I provided social media campaigns for a number of large companies and for my sisters, who have since created a leading brand in the field of weight loss and healthy nutrition with The FoodSisters. After the creation of Mastermind Academy I started working full-time with the organization behind the scenes, the marketing and the creation of our live events and online programs. I’m also the co-founder of the very successful  Meditation Moments app. 

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