This book teaches you how to Master Your Mindset and live Your BEST LIFE!

Sold over 100.000 copies in the Netherlands!

Discover how you can design the life you truly desire. 

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About the book

This book is about understanding your own habitual way of thinking and how to change it in an effective manner. It shows you how to create peace of mind by mindfulness and meditation. But also how to design your own life, by the power of thought and visualization. What you imagine you become. This book will give you insights about your purpose in life and achieving results for a healthy, wealthy, happy life. 

The author shares the wisdom he gained during his extraordinary life. He walks his talk and practices what he’s preaching. He’s the real deal. From being a famous dj, tv-host and successful entrepreneur, he became a bestselling author, inspirational speaker and meditation master. The book Live Your Best Life (Master Your Mindset) sold over 100.000 copies in the Netherlands. The English version will be released january 2020. 

The English version will be released january 2020!